Urban Apothecary

Creating a brand, packaging and e-commerce website for a new contemporary lifestyle candle company.


Branding, Packaging, Website


A full spectrum brand experience including a visual identity, tone of voice, website and packaging. We kept the palette classic and simple, striping it back to black and white, while appealing to a wide target audience.


We designed a contemporary visual identity with a bold, clean and minimal approach in mind. The use of a modern sans serif typeface and subtle clever word mark manipulation on the letter ‘o’ helps the identity to become uniquely distinguishable. Using a black and white colour palette keeps the design classic and timeless for a ever-changing market. Applying this to other elements of the brand such as product photography and print material we created a substantial brand guidelines document.

We also created a fluid e-commerce website that would allow the user to edit and manage the website with ease. We built the website to adjust to the capabilities of any device and give a beautiful tailored experience whenever users are viewing the site. By using CSS media queries, we fine tuned the presentation of content, allowing it to respond to screen size.

Paired with great product photography and lifestyle shots, the Urban Apothecary brand is set up to push its self to the top of the pack.